The question I ask so many progressives has been ”If we could show that Arab and Muslim people were not the culprits on 9/11, wouldn't that undercut the Islamophobia used by the US to promulgate its imperial ventures in the Middle East? My experience is that it is common for progressives just as dedicated to being antiracist as I am to actually take a racist position about discussing evidence that the planes which hit the towers did not take them down.  I have no problem with those who differ with me about the interpretation of this or that piece of evidence. However, I assert it is racist to categorically refuse to discuss that evidence, which, for instance, is true of the most impressive radical student I knew from my college years at MIT, Michael Albert.    I actually consider anyone who can hold a civil dialog with me about the evidence to be a hero of mine.  Civil dialog about what happened on 9/11 is RARE in the US.   I was radicalized during the Vietnam War at MIT by Noam Ch